What Foods Are High in Fiber – 10 Choices That Make Your Tummy Happy!

Foods High in Fiber

What foods are high in fiber? The answer may be surprising to some when they find out that a lot of everyday foods can be great sources of the digestive system helper. In fact, foods rich in fiber come from nearly every food group meaning that no matter what your culinary preferences, there are sure to be some foods to help keep your tummy happy and your colon clear. Fiberful foods are not only essential to maintaining everyday bowel regularity, but according to Mayo Clinic, can also help stave off obesity, and even prevent heightened risk of diabetes and heart disease.

We have compiled a list of ten to help you make better dietetic choices which can lead to a healthier lifestyle, so consider these selections if you’re wondering what foods are high in fiber.

Raspberries1. Add bulk to the bowels with berries: Berries are a sweet treat that can add tartness to desserts or just be enjoyed plain. But, did you know that berries like raspberries and strawberries are also packed with fiber? Raspberries in particular boast 8 grams per cup with strawberries containing just under half that amount. Combine them for a tasty treat for the tummy.

Artichokes2. Add regularity with artichokes: Dr. Mehmet Oz points out that artichokes possess 10 whole grams of fiber, referring to them as heavyweights in terms of being beneficial to digestive health and love them or hate them, few foods pack the awesome fiber content of the artichoke. Those wondering what foods are high in fiber will find few choices containing more, in fact.

Red Beans3. Beat bowel blues with beans: More commonly associated with producing flatulence than being considered foods to prevent constipation, for all the misconceptions surrounding the bad rep bean, they are amazingly chock full of fiber. Navy beans in particular stack up 19 grams in each cup, effectively negating any potential bean disadvantages.

Dried Prunes4. Combat dry, hard stool with dried fruit: Of all of the fiber filled foods on our list, the ones most commonly associated with combating constipation are likely dried fruits, and more specifically, the prune. While many dried fruits such as apricots contain loads of fiber in every small morsel, prunes for constipation may be a better known remedy. Regardless, they are both excellent sources for dietary fiber.

Sweet Corn5. Corner digestive woes with sweet corn: Corn is not commonly associated with enhanced digestion. While not many of us think of it as a digestive aid, it is actually a friend of the digestive tract. Sweet corn, according to Mayo Clinic, contains 4 grams a cup making it worthy of any list of what foods are high in fiber.

Pecans6. Give constipation a nudge with nuts: Nuts can be high in fat and should be consumed sparingly, but if there was ever a reason to indulge on a handful of luscious pecans or unwind with a bowl of pistachios, fiber content is certainly one of them. At just under 3 grams of fiber per ounce, some of the guilt from the fat laden snacks can certainly be rationalized.

Raisins7. Raise the regularity bar with raisins: Raisins for constipation are a common remedy for small children who enjoy their sweetness and portability. But, adults can also enjoy a tiny box of tummy tickling raisins to help maintain good digestive health. One gram for each ounce equals a small and tasty treat for regularity.

Bulgur Wheat8. Give the digestive tract some good grains: No list of what foods are high in fiber would be complete without some hearty grains and Dr. Oz touts the benefits of quinoa and brown rice but more specifically, bulgur wheat. Noting that the Mediterranean wheat is also a potent protein source, it is a great addition to any well rounded fiber filled diet.

Oatmeal9. Solve constipation obstacles with oatmeal: Skipping breakfast can not only mean a day filled with empty calories, it can also mean missing out on 4 grams of fiber per cup. Combating the symptoms of constipation such as cramping and stomach bloating with a bowl of cooked, instant oatmeal can start the day off right in more ways than one.

Pears10. Make the G.I. tract sing with skinned fruit: Dried fruit may be the go to for a clogged colon, but that does not mean that other fruits that still contain their natural moisture are not also worthy of the list of what foods are high in fiber. Apples and pears with their skins on both contain around 5 grams of fiber and aside from their nod to regularity maintenance, they are also packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs for proper functioning.

Fiber is an important part of the diet whether included in a diet for constipation prevention, weight loss or maintenance or simply as part of an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. The old adage that death begins in the colon may refer to the fact that digestive ails such as constipation can lead to long term damage of biological processes and overall poor health. Therefore, incorporating some of the tasty selections from our top 10 fiber friendly foods can benefit the body in more ways than one, and certainly make for a happy tummy!