Top 10 High Fiber Snacks on The Go

High Fiber Snacks

High fiber snacks are perfect for those craving both portability without sacrificing the benefits of foods rich in fiber and the role that they can play in good digestive health. Fiber filled picks can help keep the G.I. tract functioning normally, contribute to a full feeling that can help promote healthy weight loss as well as provide the energy needed to be on the go. Choosing foods containing a healthy dose of dietary fiber can also help stave off illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. But, not all fiber friendly foods are suitable for taking on the go. Whole wheat spaghetti is great for mealtime, but would prove messy road trip fare. Dr. Oz raves about the fiber benefit of both bulgur wheat and quinoa, however neither is backpack friendly. Never fear, however, because there are lots of high fiber snacks that can make being on the go a lot healthier, and we have compiled a list of the top 10 choices!

1. Raisins: A staple well known for portability but perhaps less known for being a great fiber source, raisins are perfectly sweet and convenient morsels ready for enjoyment when you are. A gram of fiber per ounce is a powerful portion of daily value from a snack sized treat. Raisins as snack can help you fight constipation and bloating on the go.

2. Almonds: Almonds are generally enjoyed in small quantities due to their higher fat content, but in terms of on the go convenience, they are practically a staple. Salty yet sweet and containing 3.5 grams of fiber per ounce, they are worth the little bit of fat on occasion in exchange for some body beneficial fiber.

3. Carrot Sticks: While cooked carrots are generally considered better anti bloating foods than their raw counterparts, thin carrot sticks can be a great way to get some serious fiber on the go. These vegetables high in fiber boast 1.7 grams per each raw whole carrot, and when cut into sticks, can be an easily manageable choice for on the go high fiber snacks.

4. Apple Slices: Many people avoid cut apples for fear of discoloration, but a dab of lemon juice can keep them fresh for transport for long enough to enjoy. Their outside peels should be left on to benefit from the almost 4.5 grams in each of the fruits high in fiber.

5. Raspberries: Of all the fruits high in fiber, raspberries may just be the best. With 8 grams in every cup, they beat out even more well known fruits in terms of fiber content. Those craving a sweet choice for high fiber snacks will find the sugary yet tangy flavor of raspberries a perfect fit.

6. Pistachios: Anyone nuts about nuts will likely be thrilled to find that pistachios, the nut that is fun to open, actually yields some dietary fiber benefits aside from flavor and potential entertainment value. The Mayo Clinic indicates that almost three grams of fiber can be found in every ounce.

7. Sunflower Seeds: A common fixture at ballparks everywhere, sunflower seed kernels have a lot more going for them than simply a means of occupation during a seventh inning stretch. A small quarter of a cup can yield almost 4 grams meaning that enjoying the national pastime can also mean enjoying a heaping helping of fiber.

8. Popcorn: While minimal prep may be required before taking popcorn on the go, the minutes spent in a microwave yield one of the tastiest high fiber snacks on our top 10 list. Avoid the extra butter and salt to avoid the extra calories, but do not avoid the just over one gram of fiber in each cup.

9. Dried Fruits: Dried fruits have been a mainstay of trail mix for as long as adventurers have braved the unknown, mostly due to their longevity and portability. But, there is another huge benefit to dried fruits, and that is of course their maximally potent fiber content. In fact, they are commonly used as a constipation remedy with well-knowns like prunes being at the top of the list. Consider apricots as well as other dried fruits in combination for a flavorful mouth medley.

10. Oranges: Many people do not consider the durable orange as anything more than a powerful source of vitamin C, however this citrus fruit has a whole lot more to offer. Three grams of fiber are housed in each medium fruit, making them an even better choice for those looking for high fiber snacks on the go.

While most of the items on our top ten list of fast and convenient fiber sources are praised for their portable nature, they also are fantastic options for those who are considering a diet for constipation. This is because they help achieve the recommended 20-35 grams of fiber daily as indicated by The Mayo Clinic. This in turn can contribute to relieving chronic constipation symptoms and help the body become regular and stay regular. Adding them in as snack choices as part of a diet for constipation will help dieters not stray from their path to regularity at snack time.

Since it is not uncommon for people to turn to fiber supplements as a source of relief when fiber seems in short supply, exploring different and perhaps unexpected sources can prevent stagnancy and potentially eliminate the need for supplements. These are not substitute for long-term proper nutrient intake and a balanced and well functioning digestive system.
Our top ten list of high fiber snacks proves that eating on the go can be healthy, fun and packed with nutrients the body needs to function properly. So, skip the candy bars and bags of potato chips and opt instead for one of our convenient fiber filled selections.