Top 10 Fruits High in Fiber to Include in Your Diet

Fruits High in Fiber

Fruits high in fiber are an important part of any diet. This is because like other fiber filled foods they are important to maintaining good digestive health. But, foods rich in fiber provide many other benefits to the body as well. As indicated by Mayo Clinic, it is possible that illnesses like heart disease and diabetes can potentially be averted by adhering to a diet that contains fiber rich foods. A reduced risk of obesity has also been linked to proper fiber intake. Fruits can be a sweet and tasty way to meet daily requirements and help maintain digestive regularity too. We compiled a list of the top 10 fiberful fruits you should consider adding into your diet for multiple healthful benefits.

1. Pineapple: Pineapples are not often the first thing that people think of when it comes to fruits high in fiber, but the sweet, yellow fruit yields 2 grams for each cup, making it a delicious way to get a little extra dietary fiber.

2. Strawberries: Tart and tangy, yet sweet and juicy, strawberries are a great addition to any well rounded diet for their abundant nutritional benefits. One of these is fiber content and strawberries boast 3 grams per each cup.

3. Watermelon: This picnic staple is well known for being comprised of mostly water, but the non liquid part contains a little something extra as well. As mentioned by the makers of Metamucil, a product brand known for promoting regularity, watermelon can be a sweet source of fiber, yielding just over one gram per sweet slice.

4. Oranges: Better known for their contributions to immune system boosting as related to their abundant vitamin C content, oranges are also fruits high in fiber, adding another healthful benefit to the sweet, segmented fruit. Three grams reside in each medium orange making them a perfect snack anytime.

5. Prunes: Dried fruits are well known for their ability to maintain regularity. This is because they pack an incredible amount of fiber for their size. Of all the dried fruits most often employed as foods to prevent constipation or relieve symptoms, prunes may be one of the most popular. While many dried fruit selections are fiber filled powerhouse, prunes stand out due to their containing over 6 grams in every half cup sized serving.

6. Pears: Pears are a delightful and sweet snack even for those without fiber content on the mind, but their outside skins yield plentiful amounts of beneficial fiber, an added bonus to the tasty treat. Five and a half grams can be found in every fruit, making them a surefire way to get fiber in a tasty way.

7. Apples: Another skin bearing selection amongst fruits high in fiber, apples (similarly to pears) house an abundance of fiber thanks to their external crispy layer. While containing just slightly less than pears, apples still tout 4.4 grams of fiber per fruit according to Mayo Clinic.

8. Apricots: When it comes to the fiber content of foods, apricots are often overlooked as bountiful sources of the regularity promoting compound. However, they are so full of fiber that dried forms are often used as a remedy for constipation. The fresh fruit is still a powerful fiber source, yielding just over three grams per fruit.

9. Blackberries: Bush borne berries are some of the smallest yet surprisingly best sources of fruity flavored fiber available. And, blackberries, known for their tart and tangy taste are some of the most abundant sources. Almost 7.5 grams can be found in every cup of these anti bloating foods.

10. Raspberries: The small and brightly colored raspberry may be the most potent sources amongst fruits high in fiber. Eight grams can be found in each one cup serving making them an excellent choice for those looking to manage weight or promote everyday regularity.

Our top 10 list is chock full of sweet and tangy selections to keep your mouth and bowels happy. But, this list of fruits is also an excellent start to making good choices for a diet for constipation. Sufferers of regular bowel blockages will benefit from fruits and vegetables high in fiber to attain and maintain consistent regularity for better overall health and a properly functioning digestive tract. Consider adding in the aforementioned fruits high in fiber to help prevent and relieve digestive ails and also potentially stave off long term illnesses and assist in healthy weight management.