Top 10 Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Natural digestive enzymes are found in the saliva, the stomach and the small intestine. Their purpose is to break down the food we eat into molecules that can be absorbed. There are three basic types of natural digestive enzymes. Proteases are essential to breaking up proteins in the foods we eat. Lipases are responsible for breaking up fats. Amylases are used to break up carbohydrates. All of them are equally important to a balanced diet. These enzymes occur naturally in the body; however digestive enzyme supplements are becoming more and more popular as it has been discovered that there is some benefit to supplementing a diet with them.

Most of the time, supplements containing digestive enzymes are indicated for the symptoms associated with chronic indigestion. In itself, indigestion is a collection of gastrointestinal symptoms that occur from certain illness or the ingestion of certain foods. Most commonly, stomach bloating, cramping, nausea, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain are the symptoms of chronic indigestion. Everyone experiences indigestion at one time or another, but for chronic sufferers, the consistent digestive battle can be unbearable. People who may encounter persistent indigestion include athletes on a high protein diet, those who eat a very high fiber diet, people with irritable bowel syndrome and those with lactose or gluten intolerance. For these people, digestive enzyme supplements may be beneficial.

However, shopping for supplements can be challenging, and as with any new health fad, once something has shown some promise to be effective, store shelves are quickly overrun with it. Finding the best digestive enzymes for symptom relief is not always simple, or cheap. For instance, organic digestive enzymes, a catch phrase that boasts little regulation or definition can refer to many different things without specific information about the products contained therein. Because supplements are regulated differently than medications, bottles marked organic digestive enzymes may carry little added benefit aside from a higher price tag.

However, there are some important factors to consider when buying digestive enzyme supplements. They should only be bought from reputable online stores or from brick and mortar establishments. Buying supplements online from non credible establishments just to save a few dollars often results in product that is fake, tampered with, unsafe or can result in digestive enzymes side effects not found in quality products. Well made digestive enzyme supplements can provide a multitude of benefits, but only if what is on the label is actually contained inside. Additionally, coating is important. Without a proper coating that allows the active ingredients to make it to where they can do their work, digestive enzymes benefits may not be experienced. Since picking up a bottle of these pills can prove perilous, we compiled a list of the top ten for you to consider to make shopping just a little bit easier (just like digestion might be after using them)!

1. Garden of Life RAW Enzymes for Women: Sorry guys, these enzymes are just for the ladies. These veggie caps contain 22 different beneficial enzymes and may contribute to bone and breast health in addition to aiding digestion.

2. Puritan’s Pride Acidophilus and Digestive Enzymes: Not keen on spending a fortune on digestive enzyme supplements? Then consider this bargain offering from Puritan’s Pride. 9 enzymes combine with 4 billion active cultures to promote healthy digestion on numerous levels.

3. Source Naturals Daily Digestive Enzymes: This offering from Source Naturals may be the best digestive enzymes product for people with sensitivities. It is a hypoallergenic formula that can help boost digestive health without unwanted effects in people unable to handle yeast, gluten, dairy, soy, starch, sugar or salt.

4. GNC Natural Brand Super Digestive Enzymes: From GNC, a trusted name in healthful supplements, comes this natural product with a proprietary enzyme blend for superior bioactivity.

5. Irwin Naturals Daily Digestive Enzymes: Irwin combines a board range product with numerous enzymes from all three categories with beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, for a well rounded product that can help improve digestion.

6. NOW Foods Optimal Digestive System: For help with breaking down those healthy vegetables as well as overall improved digestion, this product from NOW is a low cost but high benefit vegetarian formula with clinically tested enzymes.

7. DaVinci Laboratories Mega Probiotic: Anyone looking to combine the benefits of probiotics with digestive enzyme supplements may want to consider DaVinci’s combination formula. Over two billion microorganisms combine with digestive enzymes for improved intestinal health.

8. Life Extension Enhanced Super Digestive Enzyme: Boasting a wide range of all important enzyme types, the Life Extension product is an affordable option for basic enzymatic supplementation. It does contain corn however, so sensitive persons beware.

9. Doctor’s Best Digestive Enzymes: Suitable for vegetarians, the Doctor’s Best product provides a full spectrum yet balanced enzyme supplement complete with gut friendly bacteria for optimum digestive health.

10. Enzymedica Digest Basic: Those looking for the best Kosher digestive enzyme supplements need look no further than the Digest Basic product from Enzymedica. A unique process used on plant enzymes make up the basis of this vegan supplement.