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Mylanta Side Effects

Mylanta Side Effects

Mylanta is an over the counter remedy that uses both aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide to relieve the symptoms of a heartburn. The product also contains a small amount of simethicone as well, that serves to reduce stomach gas. While relieving heartburn and stomach bloating and gas are the most well known applications for Mylanta, it is also used

Severe Indigestion and Stomach Pain – What Could It Be?

Severe Indigestion

Severe indigestion, also known as dyspepsia, is a vast collection of gastrointestinal symptoms that can vary from person to person. Most often, it is encountered immediately following a meal and can be commonly characterized by a feeling of uncomfortable fullness. While rather commonplace, WebMD points out that it is usually a sign

Gastric Ulcer Symptoms in Women, Men and Children

Gastric Ulcer Symptoms

Peptic ulcer is a painful erosion that occurs in various parts of the digestive tract, inside the lining of tissues. Its most often caused either by medications or an infection with the common H. Pylori bacterium. There are 4 different types of peptic ulcer as defined by area in which they occur. Those in the esophagus are referred to as esophageal ulcers. And, those in the duodenum (the upper part of the small intestine) are called duodenal ulcers

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms in Women, Men and Children

Duodenal Ulcer Symptoms

A peptic ulcer is basically an open sore on the inside. It is a generalized term for ulcers that arise throughout the digestive tract with their occurrences being limited to the inner lining of the stomach, upper intestine and esophagus. It was previously thought that they were the result of too much stress or a diet that was filled to the brim with hot and spicy foods; however that is no longer the accepted cause of peptic ulcers.

Activated Charcoal Uses For Bloating and Gas

Activated Charcoal Uses

Stomach bloating remedies are most often sought out to relieve the symptoms of gas, which can be a major contributing cause of a bloated belly. Most remedies designed to beat the bloat contain simethicone, a relatively safe ingredient that is found in the majority of stomach gas remedies. These over the counter treatment options are most often employed to combat a distended abdomen as well as stomach pain.

Stomach Gas Pain at Night Causes and Treatment

Stomach Gas Pain

Abdominal gas is encountered by everyone and often at numerous intervals throughout the day. It is a natural byproduct of digestion where gas is produced by the breakdown of the foods we eat. Sometimes it is created when too much air is taken in and swallowed such as when smoking, using straws or eating too quickly. Other times, it can be a result of eating foods that are notorious for producing excess gas like those high in fiber. Most of the time, abdominal gas makes it way out of the body via a burp or worse. But, sometimes, this gas can become trapped inside the digestive tract. This can lead to stomach gas pain varying from dull and mild to intense.

Stomach Bloating and Gas after Eating – What Are The Likely Culprits?

Stomach Bloating and Gas

Stomach bloating and gas can ruin just about any meal; turning a candlelight dinner quickly into an evening of loose sweatpants and hours of discomfort or a fast food stop on a road trip into a multi mile gas fest

Chewing Gum and Bloating Connection

Chewing Gum and Bloating

People who feel bloated all of the time might be overlooking a very common culprit. Chewing gum and bloating have been linked for a multitude of reasons, but yet most people do not associate the common habit with everyday bloat

Top 10 Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

Celiac disease and the related gluten sensitivity have made big news lately as the effects of the gluten protein on the body are becoming more understood. In celiac disease, the body attacks itself in response to gluten. This is an autoimmune response

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms: Stomach Gas and Bloating

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that affects the colon. It is a rather common condition, and bears symptoms that can be very specific, very generalized or a combination of both. Most often, management of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms combined with lifestyle and diet changes are the most preferred and effective treatments for the condition