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Potassium Rich Foods List – 20 Foods Highest in Potassium!

Potassium Rich Foods List

Maintaining proper potassium levels are important to the body’s ability to properly regulate its own fluid balance, in addition to continuing the proper function of a multitude of other physiological process like cell and organ function. Low potassium levels can lead to symptoms such as mental impairment and muscle cramping.

Instant Constipation Relief Naturally – What To Use?

Instant Constipation Relief

When the inability to clear the colon rears its ugly head, producing problematic symptoms such as stomach bloating and abdominal pain, the only thing that many can think about is finding instant constipation relief. And, there are many medicinal options to choose from. Fast relief can certainly be had from over the counter remedies or suppositories for constipation and, the majority of them are largely effective. But, what about natural options for remedies for constipation?

What Foods Are High in Fiber – 10 Choices That Make Your Tummy Happy!

Foods High in Fiber

What foods are high in fiber? The answer may be surprising to some when they find out that a lot of everyday foods can be great sources of the digestive system helper. In fact, foods rich in fiber come from nearly every food group meaning that no matter what your culinary preferences, there are sure to be some foods to help keep your tummy happy and your colon clear

Dates for Constipation Relief – Remedy from Ancient Egypt!

Dates for Constipation

Most people inherit home remedies and other folk medicinal treatments from their parents or grandparents. But, many of these have been passed down for centuries, long before the time of our own living relatives. Many natural remedies come from ancient civilizations which used various herbs, plants, and dried fruits to cure a whole host of ailments

Prunes for Constipation Relief – Secret Grandma’s Remedy!

Prunes for Constipation

Just about every single person will experience constipation at some point during their life. While most people think that constipation means an outright inability to evacuate the bowels, it also refers to having infrequent, painful or difficult bowel movements

High Fiber Diet Plan for IBS, Bloating and Constipation

High Fiber Diet Plan

High fiber diet plan considerations are useful in a wide variety of situations. This is because they incorporate many foods rich in fiber that the body needs for normal functioning. Various foods are considered fiber rich

Benefits of Raisins for Digestive Health

Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are simply dried grapes coming in a few varieties; but, most are either deep purple to black or golden green in color. The majority of the raisin is made up from sugar thus their sweet and delightful taste, but the benefits of raisins go beyond their sugary flavor.