Suppositories for constipation are not often a hot topic at a cocktail party. However, they are actually one of the most effective forms of constipation relief, and are often the go-to choice for surgical preparations based on their bowel enhancing abilities. While likely not the most glamorous option, they remain a surefire choice for those experiencing an uncomfortable case of too long residing fecal matter. There are many different types of medications and remedies for this common gastrointestinal complaint; however suppositories for constipation should not be overlooked as a treatment option. However, like most treatment methods, there are pros and cons to this alternative remedy that we will explore to help you decide if they are right for you.

Suppositories for Constipation Pros

1. Flush Out Colon Fast! In terms of expeditiousness, there is simply nothing better than a suppository. According to NetDoctor, they can start to work in as little as fifteen to thirty minutes. Given that most over the counter remedies such as laxatives for constipation often require an overnight wait, suppositories for constipation can be the best choice when the symptoms of constipation such as cramping, nausea, stomach bloating and pain become unbearable.

2. The Pill Paranoid Praise Them! Very simply, those that are unable to use conventional treatments for backed up behinds may find that suppositories for constipation are just the ticket. Those unable to take medications by mouth or who find that chalky drinks are unpalatable may find the rectal route a good alternative.


Suppositories for Constipation Cons

1. Brace Yourself for an Unpleasant Experience! Whether proper party conversation or not, the biggest con of suppositories by far may just be administration method. For many people, the rectum is a foreign, scary and unexplored place, and inserting something into this area can be downright unnerving. For the skeptical, it is important to remember that whether they talk about it or not, a lot of people use suppositories behind closed doors. And, the embarrassing method of application is likely quickly forgotten when sweet relief comes about rapidly. Oddly enough, this con can actually be a pro in combative and uncooperative children since these are easier to administer than making them take medicine by mouth. However, it is important to discuss any treatment methods for constipation that you are considering for your child with a healthcare provider beforehand to ensure safety.

2. Potentially Super Powered Side Effects! Fast action does not come without its share of side effects and as with many remedies for a gunked up G.I. tract, some tummy discomfort may persist. Some of these are not surprising, such as diarrhea. However, others may be a little less expected. Pain and cramping in the abdominal region is not uncommon and, it is also not completely out of the ordinary for users to experience irritation of the rectum from the inserted suppository. This can prove to be uncomfortable in the short term. And, as will all medications regardless of point of insertion, there is of course a risk of allergic reaction in using suppositories for constipation, although they are rare.

Suppositories are not intended for the treatment of chronic constipation, and Mayo Clinic warns against using them for this purpose. When utilized for recurrent and ongoing symptoms, it is possible for the bowels to form a sort of dependency on the anal aids in order to maintain regularity and function normally. Not only can using suppositories for chronic colon clogs create reliance on the medication, it can also contribute to a digestive system breakdown, with decreases in function not uncommon. A better choice sans medication would be home remedies for constipation such as dried fruits or honey. And, while there may be many alternative treatments and fast home remedies for constipation available, chronic cases should be evaluated by a medical professional and managed in the long term with dietary and lifestyle changes.

As with most medicines, there are benefits and risks to using suppositories for constipation. Some of these make them superior to other treatment methods, and some worse, as explored in the aforementioned pros and cons. Regardless, that does not mean that they do not have their place among potent poop producers, and individuals will have to decide whether or not they are right for them based on their specific symptoms and needs.

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