Stomach Gas Relief on The Go – What Is The Most Effective?

Stomach Gas Relief

Abdominal gas is simply gas that resides in the digestive system. Stomach gas causes include both a natural result of digestive processes, and swallowing too much air, according to Mayo Clinic. Abdominal gas is normal and experienced by everyone. Most often, it is released from the body in the form of flatulence or burping. Sometimes however, it becomes trapped and it does not pass. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as intense and sharp pain. Stomach gas relief can often be had by passing gas or having a bowel movement.

Aside from digestion and air eating, there are other causes of stomach gas. One of the most common is the consumption of gassy foods. Oddly enough, many of the foods associated with an increase in gas production are normally considered healthy fare. High fiber picks like broccoli and beans are both considered gassy foods. Essentially, the body working overtime to pass the indigestible plant matter found in these edibles can lead to the formation of excess gas, often which can occur right after eating.

Stomach gas relief can be achieved by having a bowel movement. And this is because common symptoms of constipation include both gas and stomach bloating. Unfortunately, treatment options for backed up behinds can be problematic for gas sufferers. For starters, there is really no over the counter medicine or home remedy that is available to provide instant constipation relief, with most preparations requiring an overnight period to work. And, many of the most popular swift options for constipation relief such as dried fruits and prune juice can actually contribute to more gas production instead of providing stomach gas relief.

Most turn to over the counter remedies to quickly relieve gas, and there are many popular products to choose from. Most oral medications used for the treatment of abdominal gas use simethicone as the active ingredient. WebMD notes that the medicine is safe for use on belching, bloating and relieving the pressure and pain associated with gas, without side effects. Many over the counter stomach gas remedies provide very fast relief and can reduce the amount of gas in as little as a few minutes, with liquids and drops providing some of the most rapid relief.

But, for those on the go or faced with dealing with a gassy situation while in public, orally administering liquids and droppers is hardly practical. Thankfully, one well known manufacturer, Gas-X, has a product that is practically perfect for these situations. Their thin, tongue dissolving strips are easy to conceal and easy to take anywhere, whether jogging through the park or riding a city bus and they provide fast stomach gas relief. The medicine (Simethicone) in Gas-X thin strips works by bringing together smaller, individual gas bubbles into larger and easier to pass bubbles. The typical dosage for the strips is anywhere between 2 and 4 strips depending on the severity of symptoms, although the manufacturer notes that 8 strips in a 24 hour period should not be exceeded for stomach gas relief. Because of the ultra quick speed at which the strips are dissolved, relief comes very rapidly, regardless of where symptoms have started. So sufferers on a soccer field and those afflicted with painful gas whilst riding in a car will find the thin strips are perfect for providing on the go relief.

When pills are impractical, there is no water to be found, or waiting for the resolution of constipation symptoms is unbearable, simethicone options are ideal to manage the painful symptoms of abdominal gas and bloating. And, while almost all remedies for gas that use the safe yet active ingredient work quickly, the instant delivery and convenience of Gas-X Thin Strips is unmatched among over the counter treatment choices for effective stomach gas relief.