Senna Tea Benefits for Bloating and Constipation

Senna Tea Benefits

Senna tea benefits have been taken advantage of for centuries for a wide variety of uses. Senna tea is made from the leaves of the senna plant, specifically the Senna Alexandrina species. The leaves are dried and the resulting herbs steeped, most often in tea bags, with hot water to make a hot beverage. Senna tea has been used for many ailments including hemorrhoids and skin infections caused by fungus. However, the most popular use of senna tea is as a laxative.

Senna is so effective as a laxative in fact, that it is even used by medical care professionals for this purpose, and the FDA has approved its use for relieving constipation. Its effectiveness makes it one of the most popular home remedies for constipation. Most of the time, oral capsules and tablets containing senna are used. However for home use, many people prefer to use it instead as a tea for constipation. This is for numerous reasons, but often due to the fact that senna is an incredibly strong laxative. When using the tea form over the capsule or tablet form, senna tea benefits can be taken advantage of without some of the side effects that can result from using a stimulant laxative such as cramping and diarrhea. While some discomfort may occur while using senna, just like any other home remedies for constipation, they can be lessened by enjoying senna in tea form because the dosage is not quite as high.

Senna is a stimulant laxative. What this means is that it provides constipation relief by stimulating the muscles that make bowel movements possible, thus helping to relieve constipation. It is important to note that while constipation relief is possible and easy to achieve with senna, it is essential that this is for short term relief only. Senna is considered a very poor choice amongst chronic constipation remedies. This is because the digestive system can literally become dependent on the herbal remedy for relief, thus making it difficult to have a bowel movement without the assistance of senna, if it is used for long periods of time. Senna tea benefits therefore are only safe for occasional relief, when fast home remedies for constipation are needed due to occasional irregularity.

The relationship of senna to bloating is a little less straightforward. Bloating is a very common symptom of constipation, and thus when bloating occurs alongside constipation, senna can certainly act as a means to alleviate it. However senna tea benefits do not necessarily include relieving bloat, as it is neither considered a diuretic or a gas relieving herb. Thus its effects on stomach bloating are more related to providing relief to constipation, which in turn can lead to a reduction in lingering stomach gases that are contributing to bloating sensations. However, since bloating as a result of constipation can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable, senna’s ability to remedy the underlying cause can be very well received by sufferers.

Senna is not considered effective amongst anti bloating teas, although it can provide relief in a secondary way. Unfortunately, there are cases where senna tea benefits can have the opposite effect on a bloated belly. It is not uncommon for the use of a stimulant laxative to actually cause bloating as constipation is relieved. This is because of the hurried up process of digestion occurring within the body. Gasses can be manufactured more rapidly, leading to an increase in abdominal gasses and thusly, bloating.

Senna tea benefits are considered typically safe when used in the short term for occasional relief of constipation. However, there are some side effects that can occur from its use as a laxative such as cramping, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. Additionally, senna based medications and senna tea can exacerbate certain conditions of deficiency such as electrolyte and potassium shortages. It can also make dehydration more severe if it already exists as well as potentially being problematic for persons with certain types of heart disease. Senna should not be used in any form by people who have certain gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease, appendicitis, intestinal prolapsed or ulcerative colitis. It is also important to note that while senna tea benefits include prompt constipation relief, long lasting and chronic constipation can be a sign of underlying illness, and using laxatives in lieu of investigative medical care can delay the discovery and treatment of potential underlying illnesses.

Senna tea is a gentle home remedy for constipation that is an effective stimulant laxative. It has been used for hundreds of years for this purpose because it is an effective and natural substitute for over the counter and prescription medications. Its effectiveness for constipation as well as accompanying symptoms such as bloating and gas make it an all around useful digestive aid. However, its potency does lend it to dependency, and thus it is essential that it only be used from time to time for natural regularity.