Magnesium Rich Foods – 20 Foods Highest in Magnesium!

Magnesium Rich Foods

Proper magnesium levels are essential to hundreds of important body processes. The mineral is important for the proper formation, development and growth of bones. It is also critical for the health of nerves and muscles. While there are supplements that exist in order to maintain good magnesium levels, there are also a great number of magnesium rich foods to consider instead to take advantage of all the benefit the mineral has to offer.

Magnesium is most well known as being the main ingredient in medications used to treat a wide variety of tummy troubles. One of these is constipation. Because magnesium is poorly absorbed by the intestines and creates an osmosis effect that draws water into the intestines, it is a great method of providing relief for occasional constipation. While using products like milk of magnesia can be a simple and effective way to relieve temporary bowel blockages, a diet for constipation consisting of fiber and magnesium rich foods is better to promote long term regularity.

Consuming foods with magnesium may also be useful for those exploring an acid reflux diet. In fact, magnesium is present in a wide variety of medications used to combat the common gastrointestinal ail. This is because magnesium is effective at reducing stomach acids, which cause the symptoms of reflux including heartburn and indigestion. It is also effective at reducing the symptoms of bloating which can accompany indigestion, because it can remove excess water from the body, although it is not considered amongst minerals and vitamins for bloating and water retention relief.

There are a great many benefits of magnesium to consider that make it worthwhile to add a little bit more of it into a diet. However, many people do not know which edibles are considered magnesium rich foods. A good rule of thumb for those who are stumped is to remember that most whole grains are good carriers of the mineral, and that items on the potassium rich foods list are also good inclusions because magnesium can interfere with potassium levels in the body. For those still looking for more clues, we have compiled twenty choices to consider that will make getting the daily intake of magnesium simple and delicious.o

Magnesium Rich Foods – Seafood:

Not only are fishes high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can promote good heart health, they are also fantastic sources of magnesium.

1. Halibut: Halibut is an excellent source of magnesium and a mild fish that many people enjoy without realizing the nutritional content it hides.
2. Salmon: Salmon is high in magnesium and abundant in other nutrients that are found in few other foods and is a versatile fish that works well in many recipes.
3. Tuna: Whether fresh or canned, it can provide a substantial amount of magnesium.
4. Clams: Clams are a great choice amongst magnesium rich foods and a good seafood option for people who do not care for fish filets.

Magnesium Rich Foods – Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and seeds can boast higher amounts of fat making them best reserved for occasional snacking. However, they may prove a better treat than some snacks, thanks to their excellent magnesium content.

5. Squash Seeds: These veggie innards are not the first seeds that people think of for snacking, but they are a delicious source of magnesium.
6. Pumpkin Seeds: Although they are considered seasonal fare, pumpkin seeds provide more than fall feelings, they also provide a fair amount of magnesium too.
7. Sesame Seeds: They are not just for topping buns, sesame seeds are used in many dishes and provide flavor and crunch, and they are also considered magnesium rich foods.
8. Brazil Nuts: These nuts are almost always the last ones left in the can of mixed nuts, but their magnesium content makes them just as valuable as the rest of the bunch.

Magnesium Rich Foods – Beans and Lentils:

Anyone looking to relieve constipation will consider the bean family the best. Not only are they packed with intestine motility loving fiber, they are also great sources of magnesium, making them dually effective at beating the blockage.

9. Soybeans: The health food craze has catapulted the soybean to side dish royalty, however its healthy benefits do not stop at being a go to meat substitute; they are also loaded with magnesium.
10. Kidney Beans: Chili lovers unite, there is an even more worthy reason to feast on a bowl of chili. The kidney beans commonly used in the dish are potent sources of magnesium.
11. White Beans: The lowly white bean does not make its way into many marvelous culinary masterpieces, but perhaps they should given their nutritional benefits, like boosts of magnesium.
12. Black Eyed Peas: The bean that southern recipes could not do without may do more than add unique flavor, they are also considered magnesium rich foods as well.

Magnesium Rich Foods – Whole Grains:

As mentioned above, one of the best surefire bets to get big bursts of magnesium is to stick with whole grains. They are a part of a healthy diet any ways and can keep the digestive system happy and healthy. They are also a great source of magnesium.

13. Brown Rice: White rice may be the side that appears most often, but switching it out for brown can add a ton of nutritional benefit, including magnesium, 86 mg per cup cooked.
14. Quinoa: Quinoa is still considered one of the least known grains; however, it is becoming more popular. That is likely because of its taste, but it might also be its nutritional content, of which magnesium is a part.
15. Buckwheat: Sure, the name synonymous with a move about soap box racing children may be silly, but buckwheat is serious in terms of nutrition, and magnesium too.
16. Wild Rice: Colorful, healthful and full of magnesium, there are few better starchy sides than wild rice.

Magnesium Rich Foods – Fruits and Veggies:

Of course bananas cannot be overlooked as one of the best magnesium rich foods, but they are not the only fresh produce that is worth considering. Leafy greens and some fruits are pretty worthwhile too.

17. Bananas: Known for bearing boatloads of potassium, bananas have more to offer than just the mineral they are known for. They are also considered magnesium rich foods too.
18. Spinach: Popeye knew what he was doing when he corked open can after can, he was getting the magnesium his body needed to battle Bluto.
19. Chard: Chard is a popular green for salads and side dishes, mostly because of its unique flavor. However in the case of chard, flavor also equals function, with the nutrient packed leafy green that is high in magnesium, amongst other things.
20. Dried Fruits: For anyone who constipation has gotten down, few choices are as suitable as dried fruits. While they are a tasty way to beat blocked up bowels, they also deliver a decent amount of magnesium along the way too.