Instant Constipation Relief Naturally – What To Use?

Instant Constipation Relief

When the inability to clear the colon rears its ugly head, producing problematic symptoms such as stomach bloating and abdominal pain, the only thing that many can think about is finding instant constipation relief. And, there are many medicinal options to choose from. Fast relief can certainly be had from over the counter remedies or suppositories for constipation and, the majority of them are largely effective. But, what about natural options for remedies for constipation?

Most natural remedies for a backed up behind are slow acting and relieve symptoms over time or overnight. For instance, prunes, dried fruits that have long been hailed for their ability to make evacuating less excruciating, can be extremely effective. However, prunes and prune juice do not provide necessarily fast relief. Rather, they work over the period of a few hours to help make going easier. Many other home remedies for constipation share a similar time delay making them effective choices, but perhaps not necessarily efficient choices. And, when symptoms are persistent and the urge to go is immense, finding instant constipation relief can be a priority.

There is a natural option that can provide fast relief. In fact, it is a common ingredient that is found in many over the counter laxatives for constipation. Senna, an herb that is available in many forms and able to be taken in many different ways, is a quick and effective natural remedy for constipation relief that can provide rapid results. According to the National institutes of Health, the herb senna contains natural compounds called sennosides. These chemicals stimulate the bowel lining, forcing muscles to contract and therefore provoking bowel movements, making it fall in the class of stimulant laxatives.

Senna can be found in a pill or capsule form, but one alternative way of using senna for natural instant constipation relief is to try it in tea. There are many laxative teas available to help stimulate bowels, and many of them contain senna, such as Laxa Tea from Celestial Seasonings. Most of the available teas for constipation such as the aforementioned offering from Celestial Seasonings also include other ingredients for proper gastrointestinal health such as fennel and psyllium husks to add even more benefit to the instant constipation relief they provide.

There are some concerns to using natural senna for constipation however. It should only be used in the short term as chronically using senna can lead to the bowels literally becoming dependent on the natural substance in order to function properly, according to WebMD. Long term use also can disturb the natural balance of electrolytes within the body which can lead to heart, muscle and liver disorders. Additionally, there are some drug interactions to be aware of when using the natural benefits of the herb to provide instant constipation relief. Taking diuretics along with natural senna can lead to a decrease in potassium within the body. And, those taking the blood thinner Coumadin should also abstain from using senna as this can cause diarrhea which can heighten bleeding risk.

For mild and occasional bouts of constipation where senna may not be appropriate, there are other natural alternatives that can help provide instant constipation relief. Exercise can be beneficial as it also stimulates the muscles associated with evacuating the bowels. This can also be effective for relieving the symptoms of constipation such as stomach gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort. Drinking water (as a lack thereof can certainly contribute to constipation) can also be very useful. These methods can also be used in conjunction with senna, for particularly difficult bouts of constipation. However, while combining the herb with other lifestyle methods of constipation relief is certainly safe, senna should not be combined with other laxatives.

Oddly enough, another natural option for bringing about constipation relief can simply involve a change of position while having a bowel movement. By placing the feet on a stepstool and raising the knees up, the body aligns in a natural squatting position which may be all that is needed to facilitate a healthy bowel movement. However, even in this poop inducing position, straining should be completely avoided. If it does not come naturally, it should not be forced. This can lead to discomfort and also hemorrhoids.

While over the counter remedies can certainly be effective at providing instant constipation relief, senna provides a natural alternative that is easy to take in various ways and has been deemed safe by the FDA for short term use. While it may not be right for everyone, those interested in natural options may find that for occasional constipation, senna is fast and effective.