Health Benefits of Pomegranate – Powerful Detox Remedy!

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

The health benefits of pomegranate have been harnessed since Ancient times with early civilizations reaping many benefits from the incredibly strange looking fruit. From the outside, the pomegranate resembles a pinkish softball with nubbed protrusions on the ends. When split however, the fruit appears almost alien and unlike what most people think of when fruit comes to mind. The inside is filled with tiny, juice filled sacs called arils. These arils are the edible part of the pomegranate and are attached to the inner part of the fruit, which feels a lot like waterlogged Styrofoam. The juice found in the arils is very sweet and tart and the small sacs are enjoyed plain or added to a wide variety of dishes. While thought to originate in Persia long ago, the pomegranate’s role in Ayurvedic medicine may yield some of the most unusual uses for purported health benefits of pomegranate.

Modern times note the fruits as a potent antioxidant sources and potential diuretics, however ancient and Ayurvedic medicine resulted in the fruits being used for everything from eye drops to treating hemorrhoids. In fact, this ancient school of medicine considers pomegranate a remedy for sagging breasts, nosebleeds and toning skin. Ancient texts indicate that the pomegranate rind had an unusual purpose as well, serving as a contraceptive when used as a suppository for the vagina according to Wikipedia. While some of these uses may seem completely preposterous, it may be shocking to find that they are just as unfounded as many modern day claims, which may at times blow the health benefits of pomegranate out of proportion in over hyped marketing claims.

Unfortunately, the pomegranate has been touted as useful for preventing diseases without medical evidence to back them up. Some manufacturers of pomegranate products have even been warned against marketing their wares as disease curing and disease fighting super foods. And, there is little need for this because there are health benefits of pomegranate that are very real, they just do not include curing cancer or pregnancy prevention.

One of the most common roles that pomegranates play in modern times is as a diuretic. It is thought that this occurs because of the fruits gently balanced concentration of both potassium and sodium. By helping to combat water retention, pomegranate can be an important part of detoxification diets. Most diets geared toward detoxification include natural diuretics like pomegranate, and Dr. Oz even includes the juice from the fruit in his 48-Hour weekend cleanse. His detox tonic is prepared with a combination of pineapple and pomegranate juices mixed with water and a splash of lemon for a tasty weekend treat including one of the most delicious natural diuretics for water retention nature provides.

The health benefits of pomegranate are also thought to include aiding in digestive health. While there is little evidence available to support the claims that the fruit has much bearing on the way the body breaks down food, they are thought to possibly be effective stomach bloating remedies. Other digestive ails such as intestinal worms and diarrhea are also thought to be remedied by pomegranate, however it is much more likely that if the pomegranate provides any aid to the digestive tract that it is in the form of reducing stomach bloating and naturally making digestion more comfortable as a result.

Traditional and ancient uses for pomegranate include its curing some rather unusual ails and, of course, there is little if any evidence to support any of them. Even some more modern claims of the power of pomegranates go unproven and are chalked up to over dramatic marketing hype. However, pomegranate holds its place in the detox world serving as a mainstay on many a water retention diet plan. Its purported ability to cleanse the body by acting as a natural diuretic makes it popular on cleansing plans and detox diets alike for its abilities to combat water retention while providing healthful antioxidants. Regardless of the many kooky claims of the health benefits of pomegranate, it is a delicious fruit that provides abundant nutrition that the body needs for normal functioning, all housed in a unique and flavorful fruit. And, there is a lot of evidence to support that, in the form of happy and satisfied consumers.