Health Benefits of Celery for Bloating, Gas and Water Retention

Health Benefits of Celery

When many people think of celery, they think of an incredibly low calorie diet food that is mythically purported to have fewer calories in it than is needed to consume it. However, it is much more than just a crunchy snack with touted magical weight loss abilities. The long and light green stalks of the celery plant have nutritional value that often goes unnoticed, and the health benefits of celery go far beyond a crunchy way to aid in weight loss. Celery actually is considered an anti inflammatory food that can also help reduce inflammation in the digestive system. It contains flavonoids and vitamin C as well as several other essential antioxidants that are important to nutritional completeness. It is literally packed with vitamin K and also contains a healthy dose of folate, potassium and vitamin A as well. And, there are some other hidden health benefits of celery that many people might not be aware of, such as its ability to reduce water retention.

One of the biggest challenges to effectively losing weight is reducing the amount of water that the body holds on to. Not only can excess water being held on to by the body increase the number provided by the scale, it can also lead to abdominal discomfort such as stomach bloating. Many foods and beverages that are consumed every day can act as natural diuretics for water retention, and celery is one of the most powerful picks amongst these natural diuretics. Natural News notes that this is because of the unique sodium to potassium balance within the celery, causing it to serve as defense against water retention. These nutrients help the body produce more urine in response to an abundance of retained water. Their role as internal fluid regulators serves the body by removing excess fluid as needed. Its role as a diuretic is one of the many health benefits of celery.

Decreasing bloating and reducing gas is another area where celery really excels. Bloating can be incredibly uncomfortable, creating pressure and fullness in the abdomen that can almost feel like unpassable gas at times. Celery is considered a healthy choice amongst stomach bloating remedies because it is thought to be a useful digestive aid. It contains a healthy dose of dietary fiber and is also considered G.I. tract friendly by helping to improve the condition of the stomach lining and reducing inflammation, which can lead to abdominal discomfort. It is a low calorie and crunchy choice amongst stomach bloating remedies.

Unfortunately, most people think that the health benefits of celery are limited to the fact that it is incredibly low in calories, however this may be the least important factor to consider when electing to add more celery into a diet. Heart health can also be considered and oddly enough, when it comes to celery, the heart is more related to the digestive system and diuretics than one might think. Celery reprises its role in digestive function in aiding the cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation and this can in turn potentially lower blood pressure. The health benefits of celery as a diuretic work in a similar fashion to effectively reduce the pressure in blood vessels and potentially lower BP as well.

Natural News provides an all encompassing list of the many potential health benefits of celery promoting it as a digestive aid, diuretic, means for lowering blood pressure, weight loss aid, insomnia fighter and cholesterol reducer. And, even that is not a full list of all of the wonderful benefits that celery can provide. Its interesting composition yields bountiful nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other components that the body needs for proper daily functioning, all packed inside a crunchy and delicious low calorie vegetable. Consider all of the health benefits of celery and do not wait to make it a daily part of your dietary intake.