Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice For Digestion and Heartburn

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

The health benefits of aloe vera juice taken internally have been far less explored than those of the external applications, the area most commonly associated with aloe vera providing aid. The succulent plant has long been a mainstay of relief for sunburn victims and those using the insides of the meaty and pointy leaves to provide dermal moisture for a very long time. Many cosmetics employ the use of aloe products such as aloe vera juice as a means to add more hydration into various products applied to the skin. Recently, however, more attention has been afforded to the beverage formulation of aloe vera, available now in just about any supermarket or mega store. While brands differ, most provide a product almost entirely comprised of the juice from the aloe vera plant, combined with water in some cases, and a preservative. The product is hailed both for its ability to aid in digestion and combat constipation, as well as its hypothesized capacity to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. These digestive uses further exemplify the health benefits of aloe vera juice, likely adding to its gaining popularity. boasts about the purported digestive benefits of aloe vera, and mentions multiple reasons why the juice might be an effective aid. For starters, it is possible that aloe vera juice is one of the natural sources for stomach bloating remedies that it is touted to be because of the way that it supposedly makes digestion gentler and more comfortable. This can reduce symptoms like sometimes painful stomach bloating and even gas. The website continues to speculate that another reason why the health benefits of aloe vera juice are attributed to digestion may also have something to do with the fact that it has been associated with having laxative properties by some people. This regularity inducing possibility may also lend to the notion that aloe vera juice can be a digestive helper because it is thought to provide symptom relief of everyday occurrences like bloat and indigestion in some capacity, both which can be alleviated with constipation relief, although how that occurs still remains to be determined.

Another gastrointestinal area where the health benefits of aloe vera juice are thought to be pronounced is for the symptom relief of acid reflux. Aloe vera is considered a potential remedy for the heartburn-like symptoms of acid reflux. Interestingly enough, considering the succulent plant juice for symptoms associated with heartburn is not too farfetched, although hardly backed by legitimate scientific evidence. If aloe vera is a common remedy for reducing the sensations associated with skin burns, then it is possible that this is the same way in which the health benefits of aloe vera juice are used internally for combating a feeling of the sensation of burning and providing relief. However, before getting excited and incorporating aloe into an acid reflux diet as mentioned on the list of “good foods” for managing acid reflux from, it is important to first understand aloe vera juice side effects.

Multiple parts of the aloe plant are used in various applications for health uses. However, in terms of aiding digestive function, aloe latex, which is different from the familiar gel part of the plant and resides just below the skin, is most commonly used, according to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and, the side effects from the juice and latex parts of the plant as opposed to the familiar, skin burn relieving gel are very different. Orally ingested aloe juice can cause digestive upset such as abdominal cramping and pain. Additionally and, likely not surprising, aloe juice can also cause diarrhea as well. While these gastrointestinal upsets are usually mild and temporary, more serious and likely longer term concerns may weigh out the potential health benefits of aloe vera juice. Problems with the kidneys, weakness in the muscles and a drop in potassium may occur with the use of aloe vera juice.

If considering aloe vera juice for acid reflux, digestive troubles, constipation or anything else, it is always best to speak to a health care provider beforehand. While there are many exciting and potentially amazing healthful benefits to be had from the well known skin soother, there are also some side effects to consider before its use can be deemed safe, and relying on the advice and counsel of a physician is the best way to ensure safety, even when taking advantage of the healing powers of nature.