5 Most Important Ginger Health Benefits for Digestive Health

Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger health benefits have been hailed for centuries and ancient peoples near and far have made use of the rhizomes or, underground stems, of the Zingiber Officinale plant for a very long time. Ginger has many practical uses in the kitchen, with one of its main uses being that of a culinary nature, adding a unique spiciness from everything from soups to cookies. Ginger is also eaten in various ways such as pickling, which is often reserved for younger selections. And, while delicious, ginger is almost just as well known for its biological benefits as it is its fascinating flavor.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 ginger health benefits that you should know about that may provide even more incentive to add a little spice to your life.

1. Stomach Settler for Indigestion: One of the ways that ginger is most known for taming tummies is for its role in combating nausea and indigestion symptoms, both signs of a stomach that is unsettled. The Bastyr Center for Natural health notes that while the exact mechanism of action is unknown, the benefits of ginger tea for soothing surly tummies have been explored and studied yielding positive results in many instances. In fact, people all over the world use ginger to combat stomach discomfort such as constant indigestion and nausea, and have done so for thousands of years. Both in centuries past and in the present day, ginger health benefits for stomach settling are an important natural healing solution.

2. Stops Digestive Delays: It is thought that one of the ways that ginger is such a powerful digestive ally is because it hastens along the movement of food through the digestive system. It is thought to do this by actually increasing the occurrence of contractions of muscles, an action that helps hustle food to its next destination post stomach – the small intestine, according to The Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Eliminating food hanging about within the G.I. tract can prevent feelings of discomfort lending to ginger for digestion troubles being such a common remedy. And, this ability to quickly send food traveling to its next stop on the journey to complete digestion is just one of many ginger health benefits.

3. Gets Rid of Gas and Flatulence: Aside from some middle school boys and April Fool’s jokesters, flatulence is not something that is well received by most. This build up of excess gas within the body can lead to loud and odiferous outbursts of bodily gases created during the digestive process. Health.com points to ginger health benefits as providing a potential remedy for gaseous outbursts of the behind, and the uncomfortable sensations that can occur alongside them. This may have something to do with the ginger borne compounds recently found in research looking into the digestive benefit of the rhizome. These premature studies suggest that a bind to serotonin receptors by these compounds may provide some clues as to its role in positively affecting digestive functioning.

4. Beats the Bloat in the Belly: For its multiple roles as both a combater of gas and also as an ally against indigestion, ginger battles bloat in numerous ways. Regardless of the source, it is possible that one of the oldest stomach bloating remedies in existing may be no further away than a spice rack or pantry. It is thought that the ginger health benefits for digestive health that provide relief for indigestion, gas, acid reflux, nausea and other forms of gastrointestinal upset also have a positive effect on stomach bloating reduction; although, as with many of the mysteries in which ginger dazzles the digestive tract, the exact manner in which this happens is largely unknown.

5. Curbs Constipation: Because food is afforded less time to spend hanging about the colon due to the prompt debris evacuation occurring in the digestive tract, this digested matter loses less precious water needed for gentle passage. As stool remains in the colon, water is absorbed the longer it sits, which can contribute to stools that are hard and dry. This can make passing them much more difficult. Amazing ginger health benefits including giving excrement an express pass through the often slow system of digestion means easier bowel movements, less straining and ultimately, less risk of constipation.