Fast Home Remedies for Constipation – Top 10 Choices!

Fast Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation can leave you feeling down in the dumps, quite literally. And, it is not uncommon for occasional sufferers to be fresh out of pharmacy essentials like psyllium or bulk laxatives. Therefore, those with a combative colon might consider fast home remedies for constipation instead. In some cases, these home front methods of constipation relief can prove just as effective as their medicinal counterparts without multiple side effects found with harsh laxatives for constipation. Medicated laxatives are considered stimulants that can potentially give you cramping and stomach bloating. Many of the most common and most popular home remedies for constipation are already on hand and are inexpensive and easy to take and use and sure to help move the matter along!

1. Clear the clog with coffee: According to Discovery Fit & Health, the parts of the coffee that give it its unique taste characteristics also can serve as a stimulant for the digestive system. This can help bring about a bowel movement sometime after consumption. Coffee readily available, easy to prepare and an enjoyable brewed beverage in addition to being one of the lesser known fast home remedies for constipation.

2. Soften it up with sesame seeds: A handful of seeds, sesame in particular, can be very useful in the case of a backed up behind. This is because the seeds act as a bulking agent, softening the hardened and difficult stool to make it easier to pass. Since it works on current colon crises it is a relatively expeditious choice for fast home remedies for constipation, although it still does require some time to begin to provide relief.

3. Squeeze it out with squats: For gentle and smooth elimination, the body prefers a natural alignment that resembles a squat position. For constipation that is accompanied by straining, discomfort or pressure, a simple change in position can make an incredible amount of difference and reduce the amount of strain exerted on the colon (excess of which can lead to hemorrhoids). Using a stepstool beneath the feet to bring the knees up in elevation can lend to a more natural squat pose to promote prompt pooping and potentially bring about instant constipation relief.

4. Wash it out with water: One very common cause of fecal follies is dehydration or not getting enough fluids. When the body is lacking in moisture on the inside, it can make stool hard and incredibly difficult to pass. Ingesting enough water can ensure that the colon is properly hydrated and that the in transit stool has enough water to keep it well lubricated on its journey.

5. Open it up with oils: It is likely not a huge surprise that carious types of edible oils can serve as fast home remedies for constipation, after all their lubricating power is very evident when it comes to keeping cookware not stick. It acts similarly when introduced into the intestines. Discovery Fit & Health warns however to use sparingly because the fattiness of the oils can add up to a lot of calories very quickly.

6. Eliminate with prunes: Using prunes for constipation is not a new notion. However few know why it is that dried fruits are so effective at relieving blocked up behinds. For their size and mass, dried fruits are incredibly potent sources of dietary fiber, typically both soluble and insoluble. Dried gems like prunes and the fiber rich apricots can serve as fast home remedies for constipation, even when enjoyed in small quantities.

7. Extract it with exercise: A little bit of exercise after eating can go long way in terms of loosening up the locked debris within the intestines.

8. Move it with molasses: Acting as a sort of natural homey laxative, blackstrap molasses can help to relieve constipation overnight. Its effects can be hastened along with the addition of potent prune juice, which also can help to disguise the strong and characteristic taste. Combined, the two act as fast home remedies for constipation, bringing on speedy relief.

9. Stimulate it with senna tea: Senna is an integral ingredient in many products found in pharmacies for constipation because it acts as a stimulant, bringing on fast relief. However, it can be used safely and gently at home with less risk of side effects when taken in the form of an herbal tea. Swift relief is still possible, but found enjoyed from a hot, brewed cup instead of a pill or capsule.

10. Help it out with honey: As mentioned by Discovery Fit & Health, honey is actually a natural laxative, although mild. Although high in calories making regular use unwise, ingesting a tablespoon three times per day can help alleviate the symptoms of constipation.

Most home remedies serve as quick fixes, but some can be tremendously helpful when stuck at home battling a case of butt blues. For long term prevention of constipation and proper maintenance of regularity, considering a diet for constipation that incorporates good, rich sources of dietary fiber is the best bet. When combined with adequate water intake and regular physical activity, balancing out the bowels is much easier. A constipation diet will not always prevent every recurrence however and, for when a little home help is needed, fast home remedies for constipation are there.