Dried Apricots for Constipation – Old Mediterranean Remedy!

Dried Apricots for Constipation

Different parts of the world tend to have some cultural differences with regard to their cuisine and medicinal practices. Sometimes, this has a lot to do with the availability of different food resources and other times, it is simply rooted in tradition. Stateside, few selections of dried fruit are thought to compare to the potent bowel enhancing power of the prune, a traditional remedy passed down from generation to generation. But, in other parts of the world, the purple prune is superseded by different high fiber foods of the fruit variety. This has a lot less to do with potency and a lot more to do with regional differences and availability. In the Mediterranean region dried apricots for constipation are the go to dietary ally.

Fiber helps relive constipation and associated symptoms of gastritis discomfort because it helps move digestion along. Essentially, what is happening in the colon is that the fiber, specifically insoluble fiber (not dissolvable in water), a part of food that cannot be broken down by digestive enzymes, continues on its journey through the intestines uninterrupted, scooping up anything that might be in its path and carrying it down and out. Foods rich in fiber are the best way to get this colon clearing bulk, and a diet that is lacking in these types of food or one that is stuffed full of fiber lacking foods can contribute to chronic constipation. On the flip side, a diet that maintains a healthy dose of both insoluble and soluble fiber from food sources can have the opposite effect and help to maintain bowel regularity.

While dried apricots for constipation might not be the most well known of remedies, according to Harvard University Health Services, these dried fruits are actually superior to prunes in terms of total fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber for similarly sized servings. Although comparable, apricots edge out the familiar fecal stimulator by fractions of a gram. Of course, many dried fruits are fiber full, and their variances in fiber content are minimal. Just seven halves of apricots dried yields 2 grams of fiber, with just under half of those (0.9) gram coming from insoluble fiber, the kind that is most beneficial for helping to pass difficult stool. Given this information, it is easy to see how dried apricots for constipation have become such a popular remedy in some parts of the world. And, their similarity to other fruits of similar persuasion also make understanding how dehydrated fruits are a very popular remedy, regardless of locale.

There are a lot of benefits to incorporating dried apricots for constipation into a daily diet. For instance, those who find constipation a regular occurrence may find that a daily snack of the sweet, dried fruit may be all that is needed to get on a serious scat schedule and also help alleviate every day symptoms of constipation that can include symptoms mimicking those of indigestion, as well as cramping and nausea. And, sticking to a diet for constipation that includes apricots can possibly prevent the need for laxatives and supplements as well, as the body is able to use the fiber filled apricots to ease and regulate digestion, without the side effects of some over the counter medication. Additionally, these dietetic delights come with extra bonuses, because the benefits of dried apricots do not stop at solving digestive blunders. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to maintain everyday processes and functions.

Dried apricots for constipation may seem like a new remedy; however they have been used for many years in Mediterranean countries as a remedy for shy stool. In terms of foods that prevent constipation, there are few better. And, they are tasty, portable treats that are easy to sneak in to a diet. While their popularity has been well pronounced in some parts of the world, it may be time for apricots to take the spotlight for constipation relief and prevention as they are truly conquistadors of colon clogs. Try dried apricots for constipation relief in place of prunes for a Mediterranean take on an age old remedy.