Dates for Constipation Relief – Remedy from Ancient Egypt!

Dates for Constipation

Most people inherit home remedies and other folk medicinal treatments from their parents or grandparents. But, many of these have been passed down for centuries, long before the time of our own living relatives. Many natural remedies come from ancient civilizations which used various herbs, plants, and dried fruits to cure a whole host of ailments. The Ancient Egyptians were far ahead of their time when it came to using nature’s bounty to cure their own health dilemmas and the date, the fruit of the date palm, was an integral part of daily Egyptian life. The Egyptians cherished dates as a part of everyday dietary integration but using dates for constipation was not uncommon. The fruit is incredibly versatile and is able to be eaten in many ways including as a snack as well as pitted and stuffed with various delights. According to dates also served as a sweetener for the less well off Egyptians who were not afforded the luxury of honey as a sugar alternative.

But, it is the role of dates to provide constipation relief that is the most intriguing characteristic of this palm byproduct. Packed with dietary fiber, they provide the additional bulk necessary to pass along stubborn stool safely and gently. They work in a similar method to other foods rich in fiber and therefore, when regularly incorporated, they can not only remedy the occasional bout of an insubordinate intestine, they can also be incorporated into a chronic constipation diet for those who find that staying regular is challenging perhaps due to poor dietary choices or a chronic lack of exercise.

Unlocking the power of using dates for constipation comes with a bit of preparation however. While they can be consumed in many different ways, in order to take advantage of the digestive benefits of dates, the fruits must be soaked. Many suggest soaking the fruits overnight; however explains that for a faster fix, half a dozen dates should be soaked in hot water in order to be properly prepared to provide constipation relief. Once the water has cooled, the dates should be eaten and the liquid they have been prepared in should be drunk.

Consuming dates for constipation can help to alleviate the occasional occurrence of difficulty evacuating the bowels, but adding them into the diet can also promote long lasting regularity. For those who find that bowel movements are only occurring once or twice weekly or those that are finding that having a bowel movement is painful, challenging or accompanied by stomach bloating, dietary changes such as incorporating more high fiber foods like dates can dramatically improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Constipation has many causes. It can be caused by stress, antacids and other medicines, certain health conditions, restraining from having bowel movements when the body is ready have one, laxative abuse, neurological disorders and depression, pregnancy and several other causes. However, an inadequate supply of fiber in the diet is one of the most common sources. This is why considering dates for constipation can be a safe and healthy remedy for this common digestive problem. Dates add healthy fiber that the body needs in order to stay regular and can fill in dietary gaps from inadequate meal choices.

It is important, however, that if constipation is consistent and persistent that medical advice be sought out. In some cases, underlying health conditions can be the source of a chronically backed up colon. Simple ails such as lactose intolerance to more menacing conditions like colon cancer can all carry constipation as a symptom, and while using dates for constipation can be effective and provide relief, they should not be used to mask potentially problematic health concerns. Therefore, discussing frequent constipation with a health care provider is always advisable.

Dates can be useful in combating the symptoms of constipation such as an abdominal discomfort, similar to that presenting with indigestion, pain or swelling in the abdomen, and even vomiting by allowing for a bowel movement to take place. When regularly incorporated into the diet, choosing dates for constipation can lead to daily regularity and more frequent and less difficult bowel movements. Dates are a safe and natural alternative to medicinal based laxatives and they are an enjoyable dietary addition. Their use by Ancient peoples is no mistake, as dates are a powerful natural remedy for many ails both ancient and modern.