Citrucel Side Effects – Bloating Remedy that May Cause Bloating!

Citrucel Side Effects

Fiber supplements are used when the bowels are behaving in anything but a regular fashion. Some people use them to relieve constipation or, as a supplement to a chronic constipation diet. The majority of the time, they are used to enhance a daily intake that is lacking in dietary fiber and in conjunction with a modified dietetic plan that incorporates natural sources of the indigestible plant product. WebMD discusses fiber supplements in detail on their website and notes that experts suggest that fiber be obtained from food sources or a high fiber diet plan whenever possible. However, for some people, that is difficult to do and, the fiber supplement steps in to promote regularity and reduce the symptoms of constipation and bring the colon back into a healthy balance.

There are many different kinds of supplements for fiber intake. One popular product known for its “fiber therapy” line is Citrucel. And, Citrucel side effects are purportedly markedly less present than in other types of fiber supplements. The manufacturers of Citrucel fiber powder describe their product as one that can “boost fiber intake in order to become regular”. It uses methylcellulose as its mechanism of action for regulating the digestive tract. Most commonly, it is used to relieve symptoms of constipation such as abdominal discomfort and bloating. But, there are those that have also used it for excessive diarrhea as well, as the bulk afforded from the powdery product serves both uses equally. Those encountering a blocked up bowel way will find that Citrucel adds bulk to help stool move along more easily. Conversely, those with stools that are too watery will find that this same bulking action can firm up liquid waste to reduce symptoms like pain and bloat. However, regardless of intended use, there are Citrucel side effects to consider, and some of them, such as the claims that it reduces stomach bloating caused from gas, may be somewhat contradictory in some cases.

There is no question that the SmartFiber used in Citrucel’s product line was designed with a gentle touch in mind. According to the manufacturer, the SmartFiber cellulose that is used in Citrucel is non-fermentable, and this is what makes it effective without Citrucel side effects including excessive bloating and gas. And, to some extent, it is likely that is the case and that user’s will encounter these symptoms less frequently when using the gentler methylcellulose based product. However, as noted by WebMD, it is not uncommon for users of various fiber supplement products to encounter various abdominal discomforts such as bloating and gas. In many cases, this can be simply due to a rapid introduction of fiber into the diet, and can be alleviated by reducing intake early on. However, this is somewhat contradictory to the manufacturer’s claims that Citrucel side effects do not lead to excess gas and bloating. Or, perhaps the term “excess” is the failsafe that negates the obvious potential for bloating and gas in any situation where fiber supplements are implemented., an independent organization that provides information on many common prescriptions and over the counter medications, lists Citrucel side effects that also go against the claims that gas and bloating are not part of Citrucel’s repertoire of gastrointestinal effects. It mentions both bloating and rumbling sounds as potential mild gastrointestinal effects from methylcellulose, the bulk fiber found in Citrucel’s oral powder product.

Nearly all methods for fiber supplementation bear some risk of digestive discomfort after taking. It is the nature of what results when fiber gets added quickly to a body that is lacking and is incredibly common, and Citrucel side effects do not seem to be entirely immune. Citrucel may be a different type of product, and one chosen by many loyal fans of its unique form of fiber; but, that does not necessarily mean that it is because of a lack of potential for bloating. Still, it does offer the digestive tract that craves fiber a viable solution that has been proven effective, gentle and superior to other products in many, many ways. Those ways just may not exactly include an absence of post dose bloat.