Citrucel Fiber Caplets – Another Solution for Your Digestive Problems!

Citrucel Fiber

Citrucel fiber caplets are a relatively different way for those looking to supplement their diets with the daily essential to do so. Fiber supplements traditionally employ the use of messy powders that are added to various beverages such as water or juice. For some, the taste and texture of these is simply unbearable. Many users compare the taste of powdered supplements to cardboard or chalk. Additionally, the use of many powdered products can lead to uncomfortable stomach bloating and even gas. The caplet offering from Citrucel eliminates this problem as well. And, since the key to using fiber supplements to achieve regularity is to use them regularly, Citrucel fiber caplets make getting a daily dose of fiber simple thanks to their literally easier to swallow product.

Citrucel’s product line is dedicated to something that they call fiber therapy which they explain is simply a means for the body to become regular via an increase in fiber intake. The therapeutic fiber lineup Citrucel is founded on boasts SmartFiber, a formula derived from an ultra pure plant source that acts identically to natural dietary fiber. This SmartFiber is made from cellulose, a naturally occurring plant fiber that is gentle to the digestive system. Citrucel Fiber caplets contain in each dose of two caplets one gram of methylcellulose, the SmartFiber that the manufacturer is known for.

While constipation relief is less of what the product is made for than its mainstay as a means to promote healthy regularity, those feeling the plugged up sensations of a backed up behind may find that the caplets provide relief. The manufacturer notes that relief can be found in as little as 12 hours, but could possibly take up to three days. What is more relevant is that with every day usage per the manufacturer’s recommended dosages, constipation relief can be had in the long term, with fewer bouts of recurring symptoms as attributable to the product’s campaign for filling in where fiber lacking diets have failed to increase overall digestive health.

Citrucel fiber caplets are often hailed as one of the best fiber supplement products available simply because of their lack of side effects. It is not uncommon for those first experimenting with dietary supplementation of fiber to experience adverse reactions such as gas and bloating. Because the unique and proprietary formula with which Citrucel’s caplet product is made is absolutely non-fermentable, many of these are averted, making Citrucel side effects next to nothing, a welcome notion for those who have encountered the harsh realities of a quick and heavy introduction of fiber into the diet.

Even though Citrucel fiber caplets may provide a welcome answer to those who have a hard time attaining dietary fiber benefits from whole food sources, the manufacturer still cautions users against utilizing the product for more than a week. This is because Citrucel is meant as a means to jumpstart the road to regularity, not provide a long term solution. It is recommended that when it seems that longer term use of a supplement product is required, that a health care provider be consulted. This is because there may be underlying issues contributing to a lack of regularity that need evaluated and as such, using the caplet product for more than one week is not advisable unless under the direction of a health care provider. As mentioned by The Mayo Clinic, chronic use of fiber supplements can also lead to problems with absorption of certain medications like some blood thinners and aspirin.

Citrucel fiber caplets provide a welcome alternative to the powdery problems often encountered with other types of supplement products. They are easier to take, and certainly easier to swallow. They are devoid of many of the unpleasant side effects of many over the counter regularity promoters and can provide a means to gently and safely relieve constipation and promote healthy regularity. For those looking for a different way to leave behind woes of the behind, few choices compare to Citrucel.