Chronic Constipation Remedies for Adults

Chronic Constipation Remedies

Constipation is one of the most common biological malfunctions experienced by people. Whether young or old, an inability to pass stool affects just about everyone at some point in their lives. While it is not exactly a prized conversation topic, it is important to understand that occasional constipation is normal from time to time, however when it becomes chronic, it becomes a problem that requires intervention. And, chronic constipation remedies differ from those that are used for acute cases, and often require lifestyle changes to resolve in the long term.

Constipation is defined as an inability to pass stools regularly. For some people, this means less than once every three days, while for others, this is perfectly normal. For others, who experience bowel movements every day, constipation can refer to a change in this regular schedule. Chronic constipation occurs when not being regular becomes the norm, and regular bouts of difficult stool occur frequently.

For acute cases, bulk laxatives are typically the go to choice for sufferers. And, there are of course laxatives for constipation available over the counter, although WebMD advises against their use. Regardless of which one is selected, remedies such as these are only suitable for occasional irregularity. Using these forms of relief as chronic constipation remedies, however, does not provide the long term benefit and can lead to further complications and gastrointestinal distress. Constipation relief is specific to the rate of recurrence of symptoms as well as the underlying cause. And, relief is possible for chronic sufferers.

The simplest and most effective of chronic constipation remedies involves dietary changes. This can involve a number of considerations. On one hand, reducing the amount of foods taken in that can contribute to constipation is one part of the equation. Dairy products like cheeses, when consumed in excess, can cause clogged colons regularly. Increasing the amount of dietary fiber in daily intake is the other essential component. Adding in fruits and vegetables, beans and grains (all foods to prevent constipation) that are rich in fiber can help keep the digestive system functioning regularly and properly. Both are important in a diet for constipation relief.

Another often forgotten component to long term control of temperamental bowels is to ensure adequate water intake. According to WebMD not taking in enough water can a cause of consistent constipation. This is because water is useful in moving digestible along the colon’s route to evacuation. Therefore, not having enough can certainly be an underlying cause of persistent bouts of butt blockages. Adding in an appropriate amount of water daily, can be another of the more simple chronic constipation remedies in a repertoire of constipation combating tools.

WebMD emphasizes that a lack of physical activity can contribute to constipation and therefore, it is no wonder that it is also recommended to keep the bowel muscles fit and fighting, ready to help move compacted colon matter right along the digestive tract. Various types of exercise can serve as chronic constipation remedies in another way as well. An increase in physical activity can reduce the amount of time that digested food spends in the colon, where it runs a risk of losing its water content. Since an adequate water supply is needed to help the poop pass through properly, getting it on its way swiftly by incorporating more exercise can prevent fecal matter from drying out and hardening, risk factors for a behind back up.

Sometimes, there are things that happen in everyday life that can contribute to ongoing cases of plugged up colon. Stress and lifestyle factors can play a role. For instance, withholding a bowel movement because of being busy or fearful of public places can create consistent opportunities for constipation to present itself. While potentially difficult to adapt to, employing chronic constipation remedies in the form of going when it is time to go, and not holding it in can also be essential to managing a chronic form of the condition.

Constipation can interfere with everyday life. Often carrying painful symptoms similar to those experienced with gastritis, as well as potential for abdominal swelling, tenderness, pain and indigestion like nausea, it can be absolutely debilitating for people who experience it regularly. Because long term management of the recurring condition requires chronic constipation remedies involving a multifaceted lifestyle change approach, the road to colon contentment can be a long one. However, in time, and with incorporation of a chronic constipation diet, adequate water intake, and an increase in physical activity, this common malady turned unrelenting reality can become a thing of the past.