Celery Seed Health Benefits for Digestive System

Celery Seed Health Benefits

Celery is a plant, and it is best known for its culinary applications whereby the leaf stalks are used in cooking. Sometimes the leaves themselves are also used in cooking, but their stronger flavor profile limits this application somewhat. The part of the plant that is even less used in western parts of the world is the seeds, although these tiny fruits are quite common for use in cooking and medicinal purposes in many parts of the world. This is because of the numerous celery seed health benefits that are said to be derived from this less well known part of the plant.

One of the most abundant uses of celery seed is that of a diuretic. In fact, amongst natural diuretics, celery seed is thought to be one of the most potent. For instances of gout or other conditions in which the body is retaining too much water or as part of a water retention diet, celery seed can prove most useful. Natural diuretics work by increasing urine output, so they are effective in cases where the body is hanging on to excess water due to diet or other common and non medical causes. However, while celery seed health benefits include a natural ability to decrease excess water, it is important to understand that if health conditions exist that are contributing to water retention, using natural diuretics is not always appropriate, and proper medical care and consultation are required for healthy treatment.

Celery seed is also thought to be one of the most effective natural stomach bloating remedies. This may be for numerous reasons, but may have to do with celery seed’s ability to help assist with protein digestion. Between the herb’s ability to make digestion easier, as well as its ability to reduce excess water that the body is holding on to, it is considered one of the best anti bloating herbs. Because there are numerous reasons that after dinner bloat can occur, celery seed tackles them all, making it a top contender amongst natural bloating remedies. Other digestive benefits of celery include promoting healthy bowel regularity and reducing gas and flatulence.

Celery seed health benefits do not stop at digestion however. It has been used in ancient and traditional medicine for numerous health applications. It is thought to help stimulate appetite and also help stave off the symptoms of exhaustion. The health benefits of celery are also touted to include relief from headaches and nervousness. Celery seed health benefits are also thought to include repelling mosquitoes, and there is some evidence that it can be quite useful in this application. Menstrual discomfort is another area where celery seed may be useful, and when combined with the benefits of anise, menstrual pain discomfort can be potentially alleviated. In fact, this is one of the few areas where the effectiveness of the herbs for medicinal uses has been deemed possibly credible by the medical community.

There are some concerns to using celery seed for health applications, however. As with all herbal remedies, it is important to seek medical advice before use to avoid potentially problematic side effects, or interactions with medications and health conditions. Celery seed health benefits for health and medicinal uses are generally considered safe, however there are some caveats to consider. Skin inflammation and a heightened sensitivity to the sun may occur. Additionally, using celery seed while pregnant is considered unsafe, and anyone who is expecting should not use celery seed. It is possible that large amounts of celery seed when ingested may contribute to an increased risk of miscarriage. Since the effects of celery seed during breast feeding are still largely unknown, use during this time is not recommended. Some people may also experience allergic reactions to celery, and caution should be exercised until allergy to the herb has been ruled out. Celery seed health benefits tend to include positive effects on the nervous system in some cases; however these effects make its use for two weeks prior to surgery potentially unsafe as its combination with anesthesia can create problems. Further, the tendency for celery seed to potentially contribute to inflammation means that people with kidney problems should avoid its use.

There are numerous ways in which celery seed, the lesser used part of the celery plant, can benefit the body. It is a great addition for anyone experiencing occasional water retention or digestive distress and can cause fewer if not no side effects when compared to over the counter preparations for the same use. It is generally regarded as a safe alternative for many everyday ailments.