Best Probiotic Supplements for IBS and Constipation: Top 10 Picks!

Best Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics are typically referred to as “good” bacteria. The reason why they are called this is because it is thought that they may benefit the host that they occupy. They are found in various foods, most notably dairy products, but can also be taken in the form of probiotic supplements. They are thought to be useful against a wide range of digestive disorders, such as gas, abdominal cramping, stomach bloating, and most notably, diarrhea, all symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, one of the most common digestive problems known. But, not all supplements are the same and some are much better choices than others. We have come up with a list of the 10 best probiotic supplements for dealing with the symptoms of IBS, severe indigestion and other common gastrointestinal ails.

1. Align Digestive Care Supplement Capsules: This particular supplement is unique in a very special way, because it contains a probiotic that is not found in other brands or supplements. The Align product contains B. infantis, which is thought to help provide an ideal balance of bacteria in the gut as well as assist in healthy digestion.

2. Phillips’ Colon Health: The Philips’ product is one of the best probiotic supplements for people suffering from constipation dominant IBS. Not only is it safe to use alongside laxatives if necessary, it also can serve alongside a diet for IBS by providing relief to the most predominant symptoms of the condition, bloating and gas. Prevention, a key for any treatment plan and diet for IBS is also touted by the three bacteria strain product that sets out to reduce the recurrence of the unpleasant symptoms.

3. Culturelle Health and Wellness: Because IBS is typically chronic and long lasting, some of the best probiotic supplements to use are those that promote long term and overall generalized wellness. The Culturelle Health and Wellness product does just that by focusing on providing proper good to bad bacteria balance, which in turn can boost both digestion and the immune system.

4. Finest Natural Probiotic + Omega-3: Not only does the Omega-3 rich product from Finest Natural boast over three million colony forming units in each capsule, it is also promotes heart health and can potentially serve as a natural option amongst acid reflux remedies to relieve the symptoms like gas, heartburn and bloating that can accompany the condition. In addition, the unique formulation is resistant to stomach acid, making it one of the best probiotic supplements for people who have existing cases of acid reflux or as a supplemental part of a gastric ulcer diet regimen.

5. Natrol Bio Beads: A three layer shell protects the probiotic filled beads that are useful for providing gentle relief to stomach discomfort from a variety of sources, including everyday indigestion, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. They are also preservative, additive and allergen free meaning that they can be an excellent choice for those with known food sensitivities.

6. Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity: Ultimate Flora makes some of the best probiotic supplements on the market and in a very wide variety. What is special about their advanced immunity product is that it is free from gluten, corn and wheat and yet contains two separate bacterial strands that are useful for digestive and respiratory health, along with an antioxidant that can help boost immunity.

7. NatureMade Triple Probiotic: The health benefits of probiotics are strain specific, and thus products like NatureMade’s Triple Probiotic may provide more healthful benefits. Aside from aiding in digestive health, immune function may be boosted and additional vitamins and minerals incorporated for a well rounded and natural therapy option.

8. One A Day True Biotics: One A Day is best known for its contributions to the vitamin and mineral scene, but their live and active cultures product is touted to help resupply the body with good bacteria which can promote better digestive health and a reduction of IBS or other gastrointestinal trouble symptoms. In terms of cost for quality, it is one of the best probiotic supplements available by one of the better known brands.

9. Culturelle Probiotics for Kids: Children have been shown in studies to be particularly receptive to probiotics, especially in terms of managing diarrhea from rotavirus. However, while IBS may be less common in children, digestive troubles are not, and the Culturelle offering may be one of the best probiotic supplements available in terms of use for children, who do seem to benefit from the good bacteria in numerous ways.

10. Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls Probiotics Capsules: Specially made to target gas, bloating and constipation, the proboptic product from Enzymatic Therapy may be one of the best probiotic supplements for IBS sufferers, as well as though with persistent digestive troubles. It contains two types of bacteria, both L. acidophilus and B. longum, both thought to be essential to boosting the healthy gut bacteria that the body needs to stave off symptoms.