Laxatives for Constipation Relief – Top 10 Picks!

Laxatives for Constipation

Sometimes, it just happens. Home remedies for constipation prove ineffective. Honey, molasses, vegetable oil and even herbal teas fail to produce the poo; and squatting, sitting, straining and even soaking have all are unable to provide relief. When home remedies for constipation including a heaping helping of dried fruits or a plateful of artichokes have not succeeded, relief is often sought elsewhere.

Constipation relief comes in many forms. Some favor the aforementioned home based therapy options. Yet others elect fiber supplements. Most of these provide relief via psyllium husk, a naturally derived bulking agent that comes from the outer parts of a seed, which provide an indigestible fiber source useful to produce bowel movements. But, supplements can create side effects such as gas and stomach bloating and also can take awhile to be effective, sometimes as long as three days.

For the quickest release for the hold that clogged colons can have on the digestive tract, few choices are better than over the counter laxatives for constipation. However, they are not all created equally. Some can create violent displays of bowel unblocking, resulting in diarrhea, cramping and other gastrointestinal distress, while others are more gentle, yet take longer to be effective, sometimes overnight. We have come up with a list of the top 10 laxatives for constipation to ponder for every need; from fast relief to gentle and safe stool removal to help making the decision a whole lot easier.

1. Philips Caplets: Boasting the only line of stimulant free laxatives according to the manufacturer, the caplet option from Philips provides gentle relief that is devoid of the cramping and discomfort that can be associated with the use of laxatives. Easy to swallow caplets make dosing easy and relief is often obtained overnight.

2. Dulcolax: One of the most well known names amongst laxatives for constipation, this stimulant option’s active ingredient is Bisacodyl which is purported to provide overnight relief that is gentle and predictable, making it the number one doctor recommended brand for constipation alleviation.

3. Colace Capsules: In terms of stool softening laxatives, doctors choose Colace to bestow their recommendations upon and its docusate sodium based formula works by bringing water into the colon to soften stool and loosen its passage through the digestive system. While considered a staple amongst laxatives for constipation, Colace is also useful in the prevention of stools that are hard and dry, a contributing factor to colon clogging.

4. Miralax: A powdered solution for constipation, Miralax is an osmotic laxative that softens stool and is administered via adding the powder to various beverages. A welcome and sugar free alternative for those who are unable to use or swallow pills.

5. Fleet: Fleet is also a biscodyl based laxative and the formulation offers fast relief with its coated tablets. Users report the expeditiousness with which the Fleet product dispatches constipation with a surprisingly small reporting of adverse side effects.

6. Ex Lax: Another of the most well known laxatives for constipation, Ex-Lax offers a wide variety of products designed to combat acute cases of problematic poop. Chocolate coated treats masking the stimulant laxative inside provide a unique and easy way to administer the fast relief.

7. Senokot: Taking a cue from nature, the active ingredient in Senokot is sennosides, the same natural ingredient found in many brewed tea laxatives for constipation. Its stimulant nature provides for fast and gentle relief, with most encountering a bowel movement in as little as 6-12 hours after use.

8. Philips Milk of Magensia: Free from stimulants and the unwanted side effects like discomfort and cramping that can come along with them, the milk of magnesia product from Philips promises gentle relief from a great tasting liquid product.

9. Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move: Natural laxatives for constipation using senna as the active ingredient are sometimes more effective than traditional medications and Smooth Move is no exception in terms of being a hasty helper with their laxative tea.

10. Perdiem: While perhaps less well known as some of the other senna based laxatives, Perdiem is a contender for its ability to provide gentle overnight relief from their vegetable based product which features low sodium, rapid symptom relief and minimal side effects.

It is important to understand that laxatives should be used to treat acute cases, and should never be used for chronic constipation or to combat a diet lacking in fiber and other nutrients. In some cases, such as with the use of stimulant laxatives, it is possible for the digestive tract to become dependent on the medicinal boost for digestive function, which can cause further complications. As such, chronic cases should always be evaluated by a health care professional and managed with a healthy and well rounded diet that includes an adequate supply of dietary fiber. Chronic constipation in children and adults can be a sign of underlying health conditions or illness and while there are fast home remedies for constipation like herbs and laxatives, short term treatment of potentially harmful long term problems can increase the likelihood of damage to the gastrointestinal system. Laxatives should be used only when needed, only as directed and only for occasional occurrences of constipation. In this purpose, they excel, provide relief, and can relieve the painful and uncomfortable symptoms associated with constipation.