Benefits of Prunes for Constipation and Bloating

Benefits of Prunes

Prunes are deep purple and shriveled remains of the plum, a violet colored tree borne fruit. Unlike the pits found in the fresh fruit, those housed inside the dried fruits are much easier to remove. Prunes are used in many variations of culinary applications including stews, desserts and compotes. They contain an abundance of dietary fiber, a trait found in many types of dried fruit. In fact, it is this plentiful fiber that prunes are possibly most well known for, one of the most commonly cited benefits of prunes.

In terms of home remedies for constipation, few are better known in the United States than the prune, which has been considered a long standing folk remedy for clearing up a clogged colon in record time. One of the reasons that it has likely been so long considered a means to stave off constipation is likely because it is suitable for just about anyone dealing with difficult to pass stool. The home remedy has served as a treatment option for everyone from the elderly to children and also those looking for constipation relief during pregnancy, because it is safe, effective and relatively lacking in side effects. Although despite plentiful benefits of prunes, some individuals can end up with gastrointestinal discomfort after prune consumption.

Prunes are considered a natural laxative as confirmed by WebMD however; they can also be a useful part of a diet for constipation. For people who frequently suffer from irregularity, adding in a couple of prunes each day can contribute to regularly occurring bowels and reduced incidences of constipation. They can be a great natural supplement choice for those who do not get enough fiber in their daily diets. With almost 4 grams in each three dried fruits, achieving the recommended daily value with the fiber benefits of prunes can be much more easily achievable.

Prunes work to battle digestive woes in multiple ways. Its status as one of the most popular dried fruits high in fiber yield some clues as to one way that they can help aid in digestion. Loading up on fiber can help add bulk to the stools. This in turn can help make them easier to pass. Additionally, water is introduced as well by dietary fiber that can also help things move along more smoothly. When the fiber content of foods like that found in prunes adds bulk into the stool, it makes the digestive by products move through the intestines more rapidly, according to WebMD, this in turn prevents the stool from hanging about in the intestine for too long, where it can quickly lose precious water, creating stools that are hard and dry and much more difficult to pass. The benefits of prunes include providing this natural bulk aiding in constipation relief and easier to pass stool.

There is another way however in which prunes can serve as a laxative direct from nature. They contain sorbitol along with phenolic compounds which are all considered mild laxatives. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and is used as a sugar substitute, but perhaps its sweetest gesture is providing constipation relief. It works by hydrating the large intestine which can arouse bowel movements.

It is no wonder that the multifaceted approach with which the health benefits of prunes tackle digestive ails that it is considered such a potent remedy for constipation. However, relieving many of the tummy troubles associated with a clogged colon via the health benefits of prunes can unfortunately lead to some other unpleasant effects. It is not uncommon, as with some other methods of constipation relief to experience cramping and abdominal discomfort. And, prunes are hardly anti bloating foods, meaning that their consumption may possibly lead to a feeling of fullness or bloat. But conversely, when bloating occurs as a result of digestive woes, prunes can have the opposite effect and provide relief. They are typically regarded as a safe and effective way to manage both acute bouts of constipation and recurring instances most often existing from a lack of daily dietary fiber intake. Packed with nutrients, full of flavor and a tried and true home and folk remedy, all the benefits of prunes are a stuffed into delightful treat to keep in the pantry both for a satisfying snack and a digestive aid.