Benefits of Dates for Constipation and Digestive Health

Benefits of Dates

Dried fruits are enjoyed all over the world and have been for thousands of years for many reasons. They have enormous storage longevity, far exceeding the shelf life of fresh fruits, for instance. They also are incredibly sweet, and actually served as a sweetener substitute for the less fortunate in some ancient civilizations. But, likely the true prize behind dried fruits is their concentrated nutritional value. While most cases of cooking, preserving or otherwise manipulating fresh food has a tendency to negate some of its nutritional value, drying them maintains most of the original fruits’ essentials. For these reasons, they have become synonymous with being trail ready high fiber snacks, ideal for providing energy and healthy nutrition on the go. The health benefits of dates, likely one of the oldest recognized fruits ever cultivated, are plentiful and incredibly abundant in the digestive department.

Dates are probably best well known for being foods rich in fiber. As many people do not get the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber in their diet, small snacks that pack a potent punch, like the date, can fill in where a daily diet can be especially lacking. The Mayo Clinic notes that women should be getting between 21 and 25 grams of fiber each day, with men requiring a bit more, needing 31 to 38 grams each day. Their fiber rich nature is one of the most prevalent health benefits of dates, and it can help to regulate the digestive system. Boasting nearly equal amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber, (with the latter being best known for its role in providing relief from constipation) dates can help add bulk to the stools along with vital water needed to expedite its passage through the bowels. This is beneficial because faster moving stool has less time to hang about and lose hydration needed to keep moving (a trait which can lead to hard and dry stools that are difficult to pass). Foods rich in fiber provide this essential natural plant product and, where diets fail to suffice or provide enough, the benefits of dates can step in to make meeting daily requirements easier.

Constipation relief and achieving regularity are prime examples of the benefit that can be provided from a diet that includes dates, known as a great and compact source of dietary fiber. For those that are seeking chronic constipation remedies, the fiber found in dates can help to relieve a clogged colon when necessary. Chronic constipation refers to instances where sufferers are experiencing the symptoms of constipation on a regular basis. What is normal and abnormal as far as stools are concerned will vary from person to person. However, having stools that are abnormally hard, require straining (which can lead to hemorrhoids) or a lack of ability to produce poo are all symptoms of constipation according to The Mayo Clinic. And, this happening regularly refers to a chronic sense of the condition. Supplementing a diet with the fiber filled benefits of dates may be able to help play a role in reducing the amount of recurrent constipation events and help provide a stepping stone to achieving daily regularity. Be aware however that when used for constipation relief, dates are hardly anti bloating foods, and a rapid introduction of dried dates can lead to some abdominal discomfort.

If sidestepping annoying butt blunders are not enough to convince that the health benefits of dates are amazing, perhaps the knowledge that the fiber content of foods like dates can play a role in disease prevention and even staving off obesity. In addition, their nutritional content does not stop at just fiber alone. Dates also contain plentiful amounts of calcium, iron and potassium according to Wikipedia. These essentials are important to the functioning of biological processes within the body, and can be found right along with filling fiber in succulent and sweet dates.

The health benefits of dates including providing the body with nutrients that it needs to work. One of these is dietary fiber, a staple for maintaining bowel regularity. When the benefits are combined into a tasty, sweet and portable snack like the date, it is much easier to find an excuse not to eat them than a reason to enjoy them.