Beano Side Effects

Beano Side Effects

Beano is one of the most popular over the counter stomach gas remedies. It is unique amongst its competitors because it is actually indicated for the prevention of gas, rather than the treatment of the condition. While most remedies can successfully manage the symptoms of stomach gas once present, Beano can keep them from ever occurring at all when taken at mealtime or when gassy foods are expected. And, the lack of Beano side effects gives the product yet another leg up on the competition.

Abdominal gas is incredibly common. In fact, it is a normal part of digestion where the body produces it during the ordinary course of food breakdown. Unfortunately, some of the worst causes of abdominal gas are considered to be healthy foods like whole grains, beans and skinned fruits. These high fiber sources create a tough time for the digestive tract which can produce excess gas and stomach bloating in response to breaking down gassy foods.

Common gastric medications side effects are often no different from Beano side effects which are virtually nonexistent. For instance, the non-prescription medication Mylanta contains simethicone for gas relief, but primarily magnesium and aluminum for the treatment of heartburn. Unfortunately, the magnesium contained in the product can lead to diarrhea, according to WebMD. And, Maalox, another common remedy, produces similar gastric medications side effects as well, also attributed to its magnesium content.

The reason why Beano side effects comprise such a short list in comparison to some other over the counter offerings is due to the unique Beano ingredients contained in the formula. Instead of medicinal components, the product relies on digestive enzymes to prevent gas. These are derived from a fungus, according to Wikipedia, and they are used to reduce gas, bloating and discomfort that can be associated with eating certain foods. They work by taking sugars like polysaccharides like those found in beans and breaking them down into simpler sugars. Since the body has a much harder time digesting complex sugars, this conversion allows for smoother and easier digestion and therefore, less gas., an independent resource for information on many common over the counter and prescription medications, points out that Beano is a relatively safe product and that there are no Beano side effects to note. But, because it is made from a food grade mold, there is a small risk of sensitivity or allergy to the product in individuals who have a past history of same.

Drug interactions are hardly a concern from the natural product either, and the manufacturer explains that no known drug interactions exist. However, there is no safety information available regarding conclusive safety tests in pregnant women, and therefore its use is not recommended. The product is also not intended for use in children under twelve without being under the direction of a health care provider. And, diabetics and those that are galactosemic should consult with their physicians before using the product, even though there are no Beano side effects associated with these conditions.

Incredibly safe, effective and able to provide symptom relief before problems begin, Beano is an indispensable remedy for those who have been missing out on foods they love for fear of bouts of gas and bloating without incurring adverse effects. It is gentle, mild and effective; all thanks to a fungus derived enzyme that is a digestive wonder, making the discomfort associated with problematic foods a thing of the past.