Beano Ingredients – How Do They Help with Bloating?

Beano Ingredients

When most people think of Beano, they think of laughable television commercials displaying people encountering regret following gassy food filled feasts and the product’s famous tagline: “Take Beano Before, and There’ll BE NO gas.” This catch phrase may not provide much information about the interesting Beano ingredients contained within the potent product, but it certainly is effective at demonstrating the over the counter remedy’s primary function – stomach gas prevention. The premise behind Beano is that, when taken before meals that may create flatus, this gas can be prevented thereby averting post meal discomfort. And, the adverse effect wary need not fear for Beano side effects are virtually non-existent.

Interestingly enough, Beano ingredients are not medicinal concoctions used to treat gassiness. Instead, the product uses digestive enzymes to achieve this feat. Derived from a fungus, the enzyme alpha galactosidase is the effective mechanism of action in the over the counter treatment. It works by breaking down sugars that are complex, such as those that are found in beans and cruciferous vegetables. Because the body has a more difficult time breaking these down than it does simple sugars, digestion can be eased which can lead to the prevention of gas and uncomfortable symptoms.

One of the most common causes of excessive flatulence is foods that are high in fiber like certain vegetables and skinned fruits. Because stomach bloating resulting from gas can be a common byproduct of digestion, this can be exponentially increased in people who are dining on these more difficult to digest food stuffs. Beano ingredients work to combat this by soothing digestion and reducing the amount of gas and therefore excessive flatulence that can result.

Indigestion and nausea often go hand in hand with extra gas production. This is because built up gas in the abdomen can be painful and uncomfortable when it is un-passable. The U.S. National Library of Medicine points out that indigestion (dyspepsia) is a collection of non serious effects that can occur following a meal that includes stomach bloating and gas as symptoms. But, indigestion pain that results from gas buildup is often what sends people off looking for a fast remedy.

One of the main benefits of the unique Beano ingredients contained in the over the counter remedy is the means by which gas is prevented, rather than treated after symptoms have already occurred. As most medicines are used to treat existing symptoms, using Beano as a preemptive measure to stave off the negative effects of some food choices can make mealtime much more enjoyable. And, since many foods that can contribute to gas production are very healthy choices that can be part of a healthful diet, Beano can make eating right and making fit food choices much simpler.

The manufacturer points out that while Beano ingredients are the true key to the remedy’s potential gut gas busting power, dosage and timing are essential to unlocking the true prospects of the medicine. In terms of timing, it should be taken with gassy food, and right before the first bite. They also explain that dosage is important as well, and for those using the meltaway version of the product, just one at mealtime is sufficient. Whilst those electing the chewable tablets will find two or three more appropriate. But, serving and portion size do play a role in the proper dosage of the product.

Unlike most medications, the distinctive Beano ingredients contained in the non-prescription remedy afford users relief from gas before it begins. This method of prevention can lead to better meal choices without the worry of discomfort from gas and bloating. And, the lack of side effects associated with Beano mean no worries for the user concerned about furthering gastrointestinal upset. While gas can be an embarrassing subject to talk about, preventing it should not be. And, that is why Beano makes staving off flatus simple, easy and discreet for maximum enjoyment of mealtime.