Gas-X Side Effects

Gas-X Side Effects

Gas-X is a well known brand of remedy for gassy symptoms including bloating, a pressure sensation and burping. Most often, the medication is taken in the form of a capsule or pill, however the manufacturers of Gas-X have a full line of products to make taking the simethicone based gas remedy easy for anyone. They offer softgels to deliver a powerful and concentrated dose of the active Gas-X ingredients that provide relief, chewables in delightful flavors that are easier to take on the go or when swallowing pills is difficult and they also offer neat, dissolving thin strips which simply disappear on the tongue to provide fast relief. And, the lack of known Gas-X side effects makes any of their full line of gas relief choices safe to take. Gas-X is an effective and safe remedy for stomach gas relief.

Gas can be caused by many things, but most often, diet is to blame. A sudden uptake in high fiber foods can be a culprit for an increase in abdominal gas. When notorious gas producers like broccoli and beans are introduced en masse to the digestive tract, the result can be a build up and storage of abdominal gas that can create uncomfortable symptoms. Another common cause can simply be rapid overindulgence which can not only lead to indigestion, but also gassiness. When foods and beverages are consumed too quickly, it can cause excess air to be swallowed so to speak. This air can also become trapped and therefore later develop into built up gas., an independent resource for information on many popular prescription and over the counter medicine, points out that there are no Gas-X side effects that are known currently and, this is further indicated by WebMD, which also lists the active ingredient in Gas-x, simethicone, as devoid of side effects. But, not all products can boast the safety afforded the popular simethicone remedy, and there are some gastric medications side effects present in other offerings that should be considered. For instance, Charcocaps, a popular homeopathic gas remedy, looks much less appealing when compared to the nonexistent list of Gas-X side effects. Vomiting, nausea, black colored stools, and diarrhea have been reported. But, the list of side effects from the activated charcoal based product doesn’t stop there. Side effects to the eyes, respiratory system, skin and metabolic system are all noted for this product as well.

In terms of overall safety, the utter lack of Gas-X side effects makes it an ideal product for managing the symptoms of stomach gas. Its manufacturer also points out that it’s helpful for beating bloating and handling heartburn as well. While prevention of recurring symptoms should always be considered to minimize the need for over the counter medicine for gastrointestinal discomfort, when it does appear, take comfort in knowing that gas-x has been proven both effective and safe.

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